Traeger Smokers

Everything we cook on our Traeger is so amazing!

Traeger smokers and grills at Don's Meats Butcher Shop
Traeger smokers and grills available at Don’s Meats Butcher Shop

Here at Don’s Meats in Centerville, we’re proud to offer higher-quality smokers than you get at the big-box stores.  We deal the Traeger Pro Series Smokers and Grills.  You get them new, out of the box.  No last year’s stuff.  Just the latest and greatest models that sport all the upgrades.

Also, come visit us and check out the Accessories, 8 flavors of wood pellets as well as the Barbecue sauces  and rubs.

While you’re here, see our selection of Traeger smokers in our store.  You’re always welcome during our business hours.

As Centerville’s Butcher, in reality, Northern Utah’s Butcher, we’re proud to equip you with the tools that let you truly enjoy all our meats.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, our beef is USDA Choice, and we carry the top-of-the-line Traeger Smokers / grills.  If you want the best, come to Don’s Meats, Centerville’s Butcher.

Pro Series Smokers by Traeger

Traeger Smoker Pro Series 34 for smoking Don's Meats
Traeger Smoker Pro Series 34
Traeger Smoker Pro Series 22 for smoking Don's Meats
Traeger Smoker Pro Series 22